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Table 1 Parameters of four-drum chassis dynamometer

From: Car Fuel Economy Simulation Forecast Method Based on CVT Efficiencies Measured from Bench Test

Parameter Value
Specification and model Burke E. Porter Machinery Company U.S.A, Model 3260
Drum diameter (mm) 1219.2 ± 0.3
Range of axle base (mm) 2000–3600
Absorbing power (kW) ≥ 140 × 2
Measure range of torque (N·m) 6519
Driving model FWD/RWD; 4WD
Maximum speed (km/h) 220
Maximum load (kg) 2000
Inertia mass simulation range (kg) 454–5448
Inertia mass simulation accuracy ≤ ± 1%