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Table 2 Main parameters used in the simulation

From: Trajectory Tracking of Autonomous Vehicle with the Fusion of DYC and Longitudinal–Lateral Control

Symbol Description Value Symbol Description Value
\(m\) Mass of vehicle 1298 kg \(I_{z}\) Yaw rate of inertia around CoG 1627 kg m2
\(l_{f}\) Distance from CoG to front axle 1 m \(l\) Distance from rear axle to front axle 2.454 m
\(l_{r}\) Distance from CoG to rear axle 1.454 m \(C_{cf}\) Cornering stiffness of front tire 90,000 N/rad
\(C_{cr}\) Cornering stiffness of rear tire 90,000 N/rad \(R_{\omega }\) Rolling radius of tire 0.35 m