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Table 2 Main parameters of new wave maker system

From: Simple Push-Type Wave Generating Method Using Digital Rotary Valve Control

Diameter of cylinder (D0)40 mm
Diameter of piston rod (d0)28 mm
Volume of cylinder (Vt)1.28×10−4 m3
Effective action area of hydraulic cylinder (Ap)6.4×10−4 m2
Axial opening width of rotary valve (xv)0‒4 mm
Maximum Circumferential width of rotary valve (yvmax)6.1 mm
Radius of the spool shoulder (R)8 mm
Number of grooves on a single spool (Z)2
Oil supply pressure (ps)0‒8 MPa
Maximum flow (qsmax)40 L/min
Equivalent mass of wave plate (mt)30 kg
Depth of water (d)400 mm
Flow rate coefficient (Cd)0.62
Oil density (ρ)870 kg/m3
Effective bulk modulus of oil (βe)8 × 108 Pa
Density of water1000 kg/m3
Temperature of water20 °C