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Table 1 Dimensions of slipper and swash plate used in experiments

From: Prediction of Leakage from an Axial Piston Pump Slipper with Circular Dimples Using Deep Neural Networks

\(r_{i}\)Inner radius15
\(r_{o}\)Outer radius30
\(R\)Rotation radius45
\(R_{s}\)Swash plate radius86
\(d\)Diameter of the capillary tube0.6
\(l_{c}\)Length of the capillary tube20
\(h_{d}\)Length of the circular dimple0-1-2*
\(l_{d}\)Diameter of the circular dimple1
\(r\)Radius of the circular dimple center16.5
\(D_{s}\)Piston diameter30
\(\alpha\)Angle between two circular dimple center10
  1. Units of lengths are mm
  2. Units of angle are degrees
  3. *0 shows flat slipper