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Table 1 Parameters of the 5-PSS/UPU parallel mechanism

From: Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of 5-PSS/UPU Parallel Mechanism with Elastically Active Branched Chains

Circumscribed circle radius of moving platform (mm)\(r\)306
Mass of moving platform (kg)\(m\)8.2
Moment of moving platform (kg·m2)\(\varvec{I}_{p}\)diag(0.24, 0.24, 0.47)
Circumscribed circle radius of pedestal (mm)\(R\)686
Angle between the linear motor and the pedestal (rad)\(\theta\)π/6
Mass of the flexible link (kg)\(m_{l}\)2.5
Cross-sectional area of flexible link (mm2)\(S_{ab}\)2826
Length of flexible link (mm)\(L_{ab}\)520
Mass density of flexible link (kg·m2)\(\rho_{ab}\)7.9×103
Elastic modulus of flexible link (Pa)\(E_{ab}\)2.06×1011
Shearing modulus of flexible link (Pa)\(G_{ab}\)7.94×1010
Moment of flexible link (kg·m2)\(\varvec{I}_{li}\)diag(0.057, 0.057, 0.00078)
Cross-sectional area of linear screw (mm2)\(S_{L}\)1256
Length of linear screw (mm)\(L_{s}\)432
Lead of the linear screw (mm)\(P\)10
Mass density of linear screw (kg·m2)\(\rho_{L}\)7.9×103
Elastic modulus of linear screw (Pa)\(E_{s}\)2.19×1011
Shearing modulus of linear screw (Pa)\(G_{s}\)8.44×1010
Mass of slider (kg)\(m_{o}\)0.84