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Table 4 Parameters of vehicle and EPS structure

From: Parallel Distributed Compensation /H Control of Lane-keeping System Based on the Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model

Parameter Value
Total mass (kg) 1296
Vehicle yaw moment of inertia Iz (kg·m2) 1750
Distance form CG to front axle Lf (m) 1.01
Distance from CG to rear axle Lr (m) 1.56
Front cornering stiffness Cf (N/rad) 35000
Rear cornering stiffness Cr (N/rad) 42000
Inertia moment of steering column Jc (kg·m2) 0.046
Damping of steering column Bc (N·m·s/rad) 0.361
Stiffness of steering column Kc (N·m/rad) 115
Equivalent mass of gear rack mr (kg) 32
Equivalent damping of gear rack Br (N·s/m) 3620
Equivalent stiffness of gear rack Kr (N/m) 46000
Inertia moment of motor Jm (kg·m2) 0.00045
Damping of motor Bm (N·m·s/rad) 0.0033
Transmission ratio of motor reducer n 22
Gear ratio isw 16.5