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Table 4 Experiment involving cutting of reinforced concrete under different condition

From: Blade Segment with a 3D Lattice of Diamond Grits Fabricated via an Additive Manufacturing Process

  AME100   ARIX  
Blade kind LW350-AME100   LW350-ARIX  
Machine model STIHL TS800   STIHL TS800  
Cut material Reinforced Concrete   Reinforced Concrete  
Blade thickness (mm) 3.2   3.2  
Testing times 10   10  
Cutting mode Dry Wet Dry Wet
Average cutting time (s) 41.57 30 45.6 30
Cutting speed (m/min) 7.22 9 6.58 9
Wear height loss (mm) 0.6 0.1 0.6 0.2