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Table 2 Coordination of braking and steering systems

From: Chassis Coordinated Control for Full X-by-Wire Vehicles-A Review

Reference numbering Algorithms Control inputs Control target Subsystems
[87] Weighted pseudo-inverse based control allocation Myaw Maneuverability and lateral stability ESC + AFS + 4-Wheel drive (4WD)
[88] MPC Myaw Directional stability and steerability ESC + active torque vectoring
[90] Model matching βref, γref Lateral stability RWS + DYC
[100] Constrained optimization Myaw, Fx Agility, maneuverability, and lateral Stability AFS + ESC
[103] Direct Lyapunov method Vref, γref Lateral stability, reduce v error AFS + DYC
[95] MPC ay, γref Reduce longitudinal speed error and yaw stability AFS + differential braking
[96, 123, 125] MPC βref, γref Lateral stability AFS + differential braking
[105] Static-state feedback βref, γref Handling stability AFS + differential braking
[91, 92] SMC based βref, γref Handling stability AFS + DYC
[98] Optimal guaranteed cost theory βref, γref Handling stability AFS + DYC
[106] SMC Fxd, Myaw Path tracking performance AFS + DYC
[112] SMC vxd, vyd, γref Path tracking performance Steer + brake
[108] Fuzzy H control βref, γref Lateral stability AFS + DYC
[109] Fuzzy Myaw, Fy Wheel slip AFS + DYC
[116, 117, 120] Constrained optimization Desired force and yaw moment Handling performance 4WS + 4WD
[99] LQR   Fault tolerant 4WS + 4WD
[126129] Nonlinear backstepping Path segmenta-tion, vehicle states Obstacle avoidance Steer + brake
[72, 77] MPC, SMC   Anti-roll Steer + brake
[124, 125] MPC   Regenerative braking Steer + brake