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Table 1 Symbol and definition of the tracking system

From: Comparative Study of Trajectory Tracking Control for Automated Vehicles via Model Predictive Control and Robust H-infinity State Feedback Control

Parameters Unit Description
\(x/y\) \({\text{ m}}\) Coordinates of center of gravity (CG)
\(\varphi\) \({\text{rad}}\) Yaw angle of vehicle body (in inertial coordinates system, OXY)
\(r\) \({\text{rad}}/{\text{s}}\) Yaw rate of vehicle body
\(v_{x} /v_{y}\) \({\text{m}}/{\text{s}}\) Longitudinal/lateral velocity (in local coordinates system, oxy)
\(e_{y}\) \({\text{m}}\) Offset of CG from the reference point
\(e_{\varphi }\) \({\text{rad}}\) Orientation error of yaw angle with respect to the reference trajectory
\(e_{v}\) \({\text{m}}/{\text{s}}\) Error between the current and the desired longitudinal velocity
\(m\) \({\text{kg}}\) Vehicle mass
\(I_{Z}\) \({\text{kg}} \cdot {\text{m}}^{2}\) Yaw moment of inertia of the vehicle
\(l_{f} /l_{r}\) \({\text{m}}\) Distance from CG to the front/real axle
\(F_{xf} /F_{xr}\) \({\text{N}}\) Longitudinal tire force of the front/rear wheel
\(F_{yf} /F_{yr}\) \({\text{N}}\) Lateral tire force of the front/rear wheel
\(C_{f} /C_{r}\) \({\text{N}}/{\text{rad}}\) Cornering stiffness of the front/real wheel
\(\alpha_{f} /\alpha_{r}\) \({\text{rad}}\) Slip angle of the front/ rear wheel
\(F_{x}\) \({\text{N}}\) Generalized longitudinal force
\(\delta_{f}\) \({\text{rad}}\) Front wheel steering angle
\(C_{R}\) \({\text{m}}^{ - 1}\) Road curvature