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Table 1 Overview of the sets of keywords used in the literature survey

From: Micro-scale Realization of Compliant Mechanisms: Manufacturing Processes and Constituent Materials—A Review

Sets Keywords
(1) Compliant micromechanisms • Compliant, flexible, flexure, monolithic
• Micro, MEMS
• Mechanism, structure, design, gripper, manipulator, bistable, lamina emergent, motion amplifier, micro transmission
(2) Manufacturing processes • Surface, MUMPs, SUMMiT, bulk, wire EDM, laser, molding, LIGA, UV-LIGA, DRIE, 3D printing
(3) Constituent materials • Silicon, polysilicon, SU8, PDMS, aluminum, carbon nanotube
• Composite, polymer
(4) Application fields • Micro aerial vehicle, micro relay, motion amplification, micro transmission, force sensing, biological manipulation