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Table 1 Types and parameters of major components

From: Medical Grabbing Servo System with Friction Compensation Based on the Differential Evolution Algorithm

Component Type Parameter
Air compressor PANDA 750-30L Maximum supply pressure: 0.8 MPa
Air service unit AC3000-03 Maximum working pressure: 1.0 MPa
Pressure transmitter MIK-P300 Range: 0‒1.0 MPa; accuracy: 0.3%FS
Proportional direction control valve FESTO MPYE-5-M5-010-B 5-position 3-way valve, 0‒10 V driving voltage
Pneumatic finger cylinder SMC MHS3-50D Cylinder diameter: 50 mm; Range of travel: 12 mm
Laser range finder Panasonic HG-C1050 Measuring range: 35‒65 mm
Data acquisition card NI PCI-6229 16 bit analog output; − 10 ~ 10 V output voltage
IPC ADVANTECH IPC-610H Standard configuration