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Table 4 Parameters of ring-shaped flexspline

From: Tooth Position and Deformation of Flexspline Assembled with Cam in Harmonic Drive Based on Force Analysis

Parameter Formula Value
Gear modulus m (mm) 0.375
Number of tooth z 160
Face width b (mm) 10
Tooth profile angle at pitch circle α (°) 10
Full tooth depth coefficient hn* hn/m 2
Dedendum height coefficient hf* hf/m 1.35
Dedendum arc radius coefficient ri* ri/m 0.6
Tooth root thickness coefficient Ks sfm 0.65
Rack thickness coefficient δ0* δ0/m 2
Radius of root circle Rf (mm) m (z/2 − hf*) 29.494
Radius of inner surface Ri (mm) Rf − m δ0* 28.744