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Table 1 Parameter setting in the CFD model

From: Raising the Speed Limit of Axial Piston Pumps by Optimizing the Suction Duct

Parameter Value
Displacement (mL/r) 210
Number of pistons 9
Piston radius (mm) 27
Swash-plate angle (°) 20
Delivery pressure (MPa) 20
Fluid temperature (°C) 40
Fluid density (kg/m3) 856
Dynamic viscosity (Pa·s) 0.0296
Fluid bulk modulus (GPa) 1.51
Gas mass fraction 9×10−5
Air-release pressure (MPa) 0.101
Vaporous pressure (MPa) 7.4×10−3
Gas density (kg/m3) 1.29
Vapor density (kg/m3) 0.0245