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Table 5 The differences between of DSRC and C-V2X [186]

From: Cloud Control System Architectures, Technologies and Applications on Intelligent and Connected Vehicles: a Review

Topic DSRC 802.11p C-V2X Rel. 14/15
Origin WiFi LTE uplink
Roadmap 802.11: targets interoperability with 802.11p C-V2X Rel. 16 based on NR(5G). Operates in a different channel than Rel. 14/15
Deployment Since 2017. Mass market in 2019 Initial deployment in 2021
Cellular Connectivity Self managed Cellular operators can optionally apply theoretical real-time control for higher network utilization
Modulation OFDM SC-FDM
Concurrent Transmissions No Yes
Line Coding Convolution code Turbo code
Transmission Scheduling CSMA Semi-persistent sensing of least occupied resource
Time Synchronization Loose Asynchronous Very tight Synchronous requirements