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Table 5 Resulting sandwich properties

From: Delamination Testing of AlSi10Mg Sandwich Structures with Pyramidal Lattice Truss Core made by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Desription Symbol Value Unit
Base material
Young’s modulus \(E_s\) 60.000 MPa
Poisson ratio \(\nu _s\) 0.3
Yield strength \(\sigma _Y\) 270 MPa
Rel. density \({\overline{\rho }}\) 0.13884
Effective elastic properties
  \(E_{11}\) 60.000 MPa
\(E_{22}\) 60.000 MPa
\(E_{33}\) 2082.6 MPa
\(G_{12}\) 23076.9 MPa
\(G_{13}\) 1041.3 MPa
\(G_{23}\) 1041.3 MPa