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Table 4 The main vehicle parameters

From: Adaptive Coordinated Path Tracking Control Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles with Direct Yaw Moment Control

Parameter Value
Vehicle mass m (kg) 1610
Vehicle sprung mass ms (kg) 1430
Yaw inertia Iz (kg·m2) 2059.2
Roll inertia Ix (kg·m2) 700.7
Distance from front axle to gravity center lf (m) 1.05
Distance from rear axle to gravity center lr (m) 1.61
Distance between left and right tires 2ls (m) 1.565
Height of the sprung mass from the roll center h (m) 0.65
Front cornering stiffness Cf (N/rad) 67862
Rear cornering stiffness Cr (N/rad) 45714
Suspension roll damping K (N·m/rad) 145330
Suspension roll stiffness D (N·m·s/rad) 4500
Friction coefficient μ 0.85