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Table 1 Parameters of the water-lubricated SGTB

From: Dynamic Characteristics of High-speed Water-Lubricated Spiral Groove Thrust Bearing Based on Turbulent Cavitating Flow Lubrication Model

Item Value
Inner radius \({r}_{in}(\mathrm{mm})\) 7.5
Outer radius \({r}_{out}(\mathrm{mm})\) 20
Basecircle radius \({r}_{b}(\mathrm{mm})\) 12
Water viscosity \(\mu (\mathrm{Pa}\cdot\mathrm{s})\) 0.001 (20°)
Groove number \(N\) 12
Groove depth \({h}_{g}({{\upmu \rm{m}}})\) 40
Spiral angles \(\beta (^\circ )\) 20
Pressure of supply water \({p}_{in}(\mathrm{MPa})\) 0.1
Specific heat at constant volume of water \({c}_{v}\text{\hspace{0.17em}}(\mathrm{J}/\mathrm{kg} \cdot^\circ \mathrm{C})\) 4200
Density of water \({\rho }_{w}\text{\hspace{0.17em}}(\mathrm{kg}/{\mathrm{m}}^{3})\) 1000
Surface tension of bubble \(\sigma (\mathrm{N}/\mathrm{m})\) 0.3
Groove-to-land ratio \({\lambda }_{b}\) 0.5
Groove-to-dam ratio \({\lambda }_{l}\) 0.6