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Table 1 Variation for directions of torque and power within power branch 2A-2B

From: Recirculation of Parallel-Connected Planetary Gear Trains

Case Power of ports Angular velocity Torque Power on branch Practical
I P2A<0, P2B >0 ω>0 T2A<0, T2B>0 Flow Y
ω<0 T2A>0, T2B<0
II P2A>0, P2B <0 ω>0 T2A>0, T2B<0 Flow Y
ω<0 T2A<0, T2B>0
III P2A>0, P2B >0 ω>0 T2A>0, T2B>0 No source N
ω<0 T2A<0, T2B<0
IV P2A<0, P2B<0 ω>0 T2A<0, T2B<0 No sink N
ω<0 T2A>0, T2B>0