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Table 1 Parameters of computational fluid dynamics model

From: Simulated and Experimental Study of Seabed Sediments Sampling Parameters Based on the VOF Method

Types Parameters Value
Structure Sampling tube length L (mm) 500
Sampling tube diameter D( mm) 20–80
Drain hole diameter d (mm) 2–20
Location of the drainage hole l (mm) 20
Drainage area rate β 0–12
Computational fluid dynamics model Length of sea area H2 (mm) 2L
Length of sediments H1 (mm) 3L
Diameter of calculation area D1 (mm) 10D
Diameter of dynamic mesh area D2 (mm) 5D
Penetration velocity v (mm/s) 20– 200
Sediments dynamic viscosity \(\eta /{\text{kg/ (m}} \cdot {\text{s)}}\) 10-2–102