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Table 2 Bearing system model parameters

From: Establishment of Dynamic Model for Axle Box Bearing of High-Speed Trains Under Variable Speed Conditions

Parameter Value
Equivalent mass at shaft center mc (kg) 274
Bending damping of shaft C (N∙s/m) 2×106
Bending stiffness of shaft K (N/m) 1.48×107
Mass eccentricity of shaft section e (mm) 10-5
Inner ring damping coefficient C1 (N∙s/m) 7000
Inner ring stiffness coefficient K1 (N/m) 3.05×108
Outer ring damping coefficient C2 (N∙s/m) 7000
Outer ring stiffness coefficient K2 (N/m) 1.45×1010
Contact stiffness coefficient Kt (N/m) 1.55×1010