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Table 3 Parameters of QZSAS

From: Uncertainty Analysis and Optimization of Quasi-Zero Stiffness Air Suspension Based on Polynomial Chaos Method

Parameters Value
Air polytropic index ns, nc 1
Cylinder node distance L0 (m) 0.467
Distance between cylinder piston and end face d0 (mm) 32
Cylinder piston area Ac (m2) 0.0314
Effective area of air spring As (m2) 0.0421
Shock absorber damping factor C (N·s/m) 2000
Wheel mass m2 (kg) 100
Body mass m1 (kg) 800
Tire stiffness Kt (N/m) 243000
Initial height of air spring z0 (m) 0.275
Air spring initial air pressure Ps0 (kPa) 288
Cylinder initial air pressure Pc0 (kPa) 300