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TableĀ 14 Limb expression for type R-H (referring TablesĀ 4, 6 and 8)

From: Type Synthesis of Walking Robot Legs

Parallel limb 1 Parallel limb 2 Parallel limb 3 Serial limb Other limb Condition Index
GF18 GF1 GF1 GF7 / / C-RH-1, C-RP-1
GF12 GF2 GF2 GF7 / \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 2,3\) C-RH-4, C-RP-1
GF18 GF2 GF2 GF7 / \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 1,2,3\) C-RH-5, C-RP-1
GF4 GF1 GF1 GF18 GF8/GF14 \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 4,5\) C-RH-6, C-RP-3/ C-RP-4
GF4 GF2 GF2 GF18 GF8/GF14 \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 4,5\) C-RH-9, C-RP-3/ C-RP-4
GF4 GF3 GF3 GF18 GF8/GF14 \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 4,5\) C-RH-11, C-RP-3/ C-RP-4
GF14 GF1 GF1 GF12 GF14 / C-RP-5, C-RP-2
GF8 GF2 GF2 GF12 GF14 \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 2,3\) C-RP-8, C-RP-2
GF14 GF2 GF2 GF12 GF14 \(\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upalpha }}}^{j} ,\parallel {\text{R}}_{{{\upbeta }}}^{j} ,j = 1,2,3\) C-RP-9, C-RP-2