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Table 2 Simulation model parameters and initial value

From: Parameters Sensitivity Characteristics of Highly Integrated Valve-Controlled Cylinder Force Control System

Simulation model parameters Initial value
Servo valve gain \(K_{{\text{axv}}}\) (mm/v) 0.45
Natural frequency of servo valve \(\omega\) (rad/s) 628
Damping ratio of servo valve \(\zeta\) 0.77
Effective piston area of servo cylinder \(A_{\text{P}}\) (mm2) 336.8
Volume of input oil pipe \(V_{{\text{g1}}}\) (mm3) 620
Volume of output oil pipe \(V_{{\text{g2}}}\) (mm3) 860
Total piston stroke of servo cylinder \(L\)(mm) 50
Initial piston position of servo cylinder \(L_{0}\) (mm) 20
System return oil pressure \(p_{\text{0}}\) (MPa) 0.5
Proportional gain \(K_{\text{P}}\) 8
Force sensor gain\(K_{\text{f}} \;(\text{V}/\text{kN})\) 0.0769
External leakage coefficient \(C_{{\text{ep}}}\) (mm3·(s·MPa)− 1) 0
Internal leakage coefficient \(C_{{\text{ip}}}\) (mm3·(s·MPa)− 1) 238
Conversion mass \(m_{\text{t}} \;\text{(kg)}\) 1.1315
Effective bulk modulus \(\beta_{\text{e}}\) MPa 800
Load stiffness \(K\;(\text{kN}/\text{m})\) 450
Viscous damping coefficient \(B_{\text{p}} \;(\text{k}N/(\text{m} \cdot \text{s}^{ - 1} \text{)})\) 2
Conversion coefficient \(K_{\text{d}} \;(\text{m}{\text{m}}^{2} /\text{s)}\) 124.8