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Table 2 Correlation coefficients between the thermal deformation and the temperature changing values

From: Thermal Error Compensation of the Wear-Depth Real-Time Detecting of Self-Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings

Detecting point name Correlation coefficient
1-Base of the bearing fixture γ1→0.922
2-Heel block γ2→0.871
3-Spherical plain bearing γ3→0.841
4-T-type plate γ4→0.900
5-Platform of the test bench γ5→0.896
6-Measuring sleeve γ6→0.927
7-Detecting frame γ7→0.940
8-Slender pole γ8→0.936
9-Environmental temperature γ9→0.943 (maximum)
10-Base of the hydraulic station γ10→0.537 (minimum)