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Table 1 Variation of 2θ locations and intensities of the α-Al diffraction peaks in SLM-processed composites with different scan speeds

From: Effect of Trace Addition of Ceramic on Microstructure Development and Mechanical Properties of Selective Laser Melted AlSi10Mg Alloy

Sample2θ (°)Intensity (cps)FWHM (rad)2θ (°)Intensity (cps)FWHM (rad)
v = 2000 mm/s38.7206329.170.26844.9813104.170.294
v = 2400 mm/s38.67915129.20.29344.9206879.170.309
v = 2800 mm/s38.62022679.20.28644.88011079.20.329
v = 3200 mm/s38.61924795.80.30144.88011533.30.328