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Table 3 Steps (7) ~ (8) synthesis processe

From: A New Method for Type Synthesis of 2R1T and 2T1R 3-DOF Redundant Actuated Parallel Mechanisms with Closed Loop Units

  1. In Table 3, \( \left( {\text{RR}} \right)_{\text{E}} \) denotes that the axes of all rotating pairs of the same branch chain are parallel in space; \( \left( {\text{RP}} \right)_{\text{{E}}} \) denotes that the axis of the rotating pair is perpendicular to the direction of the prismatic pair; \( \overline{\text{R} } \) denotes parallel rotating pairs in the same branch chain; \( \underline{\text{R}} \) denotes the rotating pairs intersecting in the same branch chain; \( \overline{\overline{\text{R}}} \) denotes a common rotating pair in the same branch, i.e., a composite hinge. Some of the branched chains in Table 3 are shown in Figure 6.