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Table 2 Symbol and definition of parameters

From: Comparative Study of Trajectory Tracking Control for Automated Vehicles via Model Predictive Control and Robust H-infinity State Feedback Control

Definition Symbol Value
Vehicle mass \(m\) (kg) 1750
Inertia moment of the vehicle about yaw axis \(I_{z}\) (kg·\({\text{m}}^{2}\)) 2500
Distance of the front/rear axle from CG \(l_{f}\)/\(l_{r}\) (m) 1.24/1.46
Nominal cornering stiffness of front/rear wheels \(C_{f} /C_{r}\) (kN/rad) 60/60
Minimal/maximal longitudinal velocity \(v_{{{\text{min}}}} /v_{{{\text{max}}}}\) (m/s) 5/30
Minimal/maximal yaw rate \(r_{{{\text{min}}}} /r_{{{\text{max}}}}\) (rad/s) − 0.5/0.5
Minimal/maximal curvature of the path \(C_{{R{\text{min}}}} /C_{{R{\text{max}}}}\) (\({\text{m}}^{ - 1}\)) − 0.02/0.02