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Table 1 Parameters of the capture mechanism

From: Design of a Flexible Capture Mechanism Inspired by Sea Anemone for Non-cooperative Targets

Parameter Value
The overall height of the capture mechanism H (mm) 300
The overall length of the capture mechanism L (mm) 140
The overall width of the capture mechanism K (mm) 120
Height of drive box h (mm) 140
Length of the continuum arm l (mm) 160
The diameter of the continuum arm ϕ (mm) 20
The thickness of the silicone sleeve m (mm) 2.5
Length of driving wire 1 λ1 (mm) 190
Length of driving wire 2 λ2 (mm) 240
Diameter of driving wire 1 Φ1 (mm) 0.4
Diameter of driving wire 2 Φ2 (mm) 0.48
The distance of adjacent segments δ (mm) 9
The offset distance of side guide hole s (mm) 4.5
Maximum rotating angle of the spherical joint α (°) 25