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Table 1 Important parameters of the simulation model

From: Influence of Novel Redirector with Bypass Damping on the Performance of Load-Sensing Steering System

Definition Item Value
Priority valve Spool diameter (mm) 25
Rod diameter (mm) 14
Mass (kg) 0.3
Preload (N) 458.8
Stiffness (N/mm) 28.3
Pump Displacement (L/rev) 0.08
Signal Input 0.001675x
Redirector Spool diameter (mm) 10
Rod diameter(mm) 5
Mass 1 (kg) 0.284
Mass 2 (kg) 0.301
Metering motor Mass 0 (kg) 0.6
Piston diameter (mm) 79.6
Fluid Density (kg/m3) 850
Working module H-R/L Underlap corresponding to zero displacement (mm) −0.58
Return module R/L-T −0.72
Bypass module R/L-D −0.545
Inlet module P-C −0.89
Module H −0.33
Load sensor module LS 0.38
Bypass module D-K −0.545
Flow rate amplification module A-C −1.22