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Table 1 Specifications of the side channel pump model

From: Investigation on the Flow Behavior of Side Channel Pumps Based on Vortex Identification

Parameter Value
Impeller outer diameter, d2(mm) 150
Impeller inner diameter, d1(mm) 80
Blade length, l(mm) 35
Blade width, w(mm) 15
Blade thickness, b1(mm) 2
Suction angle, θ(°) 10
Blade number, Z 24
Clearance, s(mm) 0.2
Side channel outer diameter, d2,sc(mm) 150.4
Side channel inner diameter, d1,sc(mm) 80
Side channel radius, ϯ(mm) 17.6
Wrapping angle, ϙ(°) 30
Convex blade thickness, b2(mm) 2
Convex blade height, h(mm) 7