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Table 1 Parameters of the gas face seal

From: Discriminative Features of Abnormities in a Spiral Groove Gas Face Seal Based on Dynamic Model Considering Contact

Parameters Values
Outer radius \(r_{{\text{o}}} \left( {{\text{mm}}} \right)\) \(61.6\)
Inner radius \(r_{{\text{i}}} \left( {{\text{mm}}} \right)\) \(51.6\)
Spiral groove inner radius \(r_{{{\text{spr}}}} \left( {{\text{mm}}} \right)\) \(55.5\)
Spiral groove angle \(\beta_{{{\text{spr}}}} \left(^\circ \right)\) 15
Groove depth \(h_{{{\text{spr}}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) 6
Groove count \(N_{{{\text{spr}}}}\) 12
Stator mass \(m\left( {{\text{kg}}} \right)\) 0.2
Stator moment of inertia \(J\left( {{\text{kg}}\cdot{\text{m}}^{2} } \right)\) \(3.5 \times 10^{ - 4}\)
Support axial stiffness \(k_{{z{\text{s}}0}} \left( {{\text{N}}/{\text{m}}} \right)\)* \(1.64 \times 10^{4}\)
Support angular stiffness \(k_{{\gamma {\text{s}}0}} \left( {{\text{N}}\cdot{\text{m}}/{\text{rad}}} \right)\)* \(31\)
Support axial damping \(c_{{z{\text{s}}0}} \left( {{\text{N}}\cdot{\text{s}}/{\text{m}}} \right)\)* \(1 \times 10^{3}\)
Support angular damping \(c_{{\gamma {\text{s}}0}} \left( {{\text{N}}\cdot{\text{m}}\cdot{\text{s}}/{\text{rad}}} \right)\)* \(1.4\)
Standard deviation of surface height \(\sigma_{{\text{a}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) 0.177
Standard deviation of asperity height \(\sigma_{{\text{s}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) 0.170
Mean of asperity height \(\overline{w}_{{\text{s}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) 0.114
Asperity density \(\eta_{{\text{s}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}^{ - 2} } \right)\) 0.133
Average radius of asperity tips \(R_{{\text{s}}} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) 3.02
Young’s Modulus \(E\left( {{\text{GPa}}} \right)\) 151
Maximum contact pressure \(p_{m} { }\left( {{\text{MPa}}} \right)\) 242.24
Gas dynamic viscosity \(\mu \left( {{\text{Pa}}\cdot{\text{s}}} \right)\) \(1.8 \times 10^{ - 5}\)
Gas density under \(0.1{\text{MPaA}}\)\(\rho \left( {{\text{kg}}/{\text{m}}^{3} } \right)\) 1.2
Absolute gas pressure at inner radius \(p_{{\text{i}}} \left( {{\text{MPa}}} \right)\) \(0.1\)
Absolute gas pressure at outer radius \(p_{{\text{o}}} \left( {{\text{MPa}}} \right)\) \(0.5\)
Land clearance at zero displacement \(h_{0} \left( {{\upmu \text{m}}} \right)\) \(1.93\)
Rotation speed \(n_{\omega } \left( {{\text{r}}/{\text{min}}} \right)\) \(1200\)
  1. *The marked properties are scaled as a type of abnormity in the cases simulated.